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DAW – Phần mềm thu âm mix nhạc, hoà âm phối khí. PASSWORD nếu có: nhatdastudio
PASSWORD nếu có: nhatdastudio
PASSWORD nếu có: nhatdastudio
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PASSWORD nếu có: nhatdastudio
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Release Year/Date : 09/21/2023
Version : 1.0.1 Build 013
Developer : Cakewalk/Bandlab
Developer Website : Bandlab
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : English
Tablet : present
System requirements :
OS: Windows/Mac
Version: Windows 10 and higher
Mac OS 10.15 and higher
RAM: 16 GB/16 GB
Processor: 8-core CPU Intel Core™ or Apple M-series processor (64-bit only)
Audio: ASIO -compatible hardware

Description :
Cakewalk Next , the newest addition to Cakewalk , offers easy-to-use yet powerful tools for creators of all stages.
The distribution contains the latest update file to version

Add. information :
Less work, more flow!
Making your dream song a reality should be easy, and Next is committed to helping you do just that – with features designed to streamline the process of creating and finishing your song.

New in version :
September 21, 2023
What’s New
File extensions have changed:
Project files = *.cnp (previously *.bxp)
Project templates = *.cnt (previously *.bxt)
Track templates = *.cnk (previously *.bxr)
Files in the default project and template folders will automatically get renamed when you launch the app. If you have files stored in other locations, you must rename them manually.
Punch recording:
Punch recording allows you to record within a specific time range. Any previous recordings outside the punch region are not overwritten.
To enable/disable punch recording, do one of the following:
Click the Transport menu and select Enable Punch Recording.
Click the Record button drop-down menu to open the record settings panel, then select Enable Punch Recording.
Punch recording utilizes the loop range markers to specify the punch record time range.
When punch record is enabled, the Record button displays a “record punch” icon, and the blue loop markers in the time ruler turn red to indicate the punch region. Drag the red marker handles to modify the punch region. To move the punch region, hold down the CTRL (Windows) / CMD (Mac) key and drag the red punch range to the desired location.
You can combine loop and punch recording. When both looping and punch recording are enabled, recording occurs at loop start, and loop recording occurs per usual. When looping is enabled, the markers become brighter and the region is shaded.
When punch recording, Next saves the entire recording while the transport is rolling, but the recorded clip is cropped to only expose the punch region. By also recording the pre-roll and post-roll, you have more flexibility later when it comes to trimming the clip because you have access to audio data before and after the punch region instead of only silence.

Installation and treatment :
* This program is installed in a separate folder, so you can install it in parallel with the already installed Cakewalk by Bandlab/Cakewalk Sonar programs .

1 . Run the Cakewalk_Next_Setup_1.0.0.989.exe file and install the program. ***
2 . Install update Cakewalk_Next_Setup_1.0.1.013.exe
3 . Run the attached keygen from the ” R2R ” folder, in the product selection field, select ” BandLab – Cakewalk Next “, click the ” Register (Win) ” button at the bottom left, close the keygen.

*** If you have never installed this program on your system, you can try installing version right away, if for some reason it does not want to be installed, then repeat all the steps from the beginning .

!!! Note: after installing update, the keygen no longer works; you can activate the latest version only through the official Bandlab website (login).

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